Upper East Side

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    The Upper East Side is primarily a residential neighborhood, composed largely of historic single-family homes from the 1920s, with Biscayne Boulevard running along the center of the neighborhood with mid-rise and high-rise office towers, hotels, and apartments. The MiMo Historic District runs along Biscayne Boulevard, and includes a large number of MiMo hotels from the 1950s and 1960s, that have been preserved, and have recently begun to be renovated, and turned into stores, restaurants and boutique hotels.

    Belle Meade is a sub-neighborhood, which lies within the larger enclave of the Upper East Side. It is a private, gated community and the southern part contains a smaller subdivision known as the Bayside District. The northern part contains Belle Meade Island. It is bounded by the Little River to the north, northeast 66th Street to the south and Biscayne Boulevard to the west.

    Morningside is a residential historic sub-neighborhood within the Upper East Side in an older part of the City of Miami, Florida, United States. It lies mostly to the east of Biscayne Boulevard from NE 50th Terrace to NE 62nd Street. Morningside is just north of and adjacent to Bay Point Estates, another more affluent but less historic residential enclave in urban Miami.

    Bay Point Estates is a sub-neighborhood within the Upper East Side neighborhood, It is a gated community stretching from NE 41st Street to NE 50th Street alongside Biscayne Boulevard.

    The resident's homes are lined along Sabal Palm Road, one of the most expensive streets to live on in the United States. The style of the homes varies. Most of the homes were built between 1940 and 1960, and exhibit architectural styles ranging from contemporary Floridian to ranch. Many of the neighborhood's wealthy residents are among the most prominent lawyers, doctors, and businessmen in Miami.

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